Terms & Condition

The Services as defined below are offered by Learning Elf, which is the training wing of Crossroad Elf DSS Pvt Ltd located in HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka. These Terms and Conditions regulate your use of the Learning Elf site, apps, and the learning systems along with its other products and services. As some of its services or products could include downloading any software to your local device (PC, smartphone, or tablet), you would agree to automatically update the app or software as per the terms applied to these updates.


These terms include several policies that refer to the terms and conditions showcasing a binding contract found in between you and the services. By clicking or tapping over the agreement checkbox in case applicable, you agree to accept the terms and conditions by implementing the documents in accordance with the use of services. Hence, you need to read all the terms carefully and in case of any confusion, you can email us info@learningelf.com and clear your doubts.


Terms of Services

Registration and Information - You do not have to register on your website in case you are just visiting our site and do not avail of our services that are offered. However, in case if you want to access the services, you need to create a password-protected account by registering with us. While registering, you are supposed to add all your personal information that could include your basic information like name, age, gender, address, contact number, mobile device, and location to name a few. With this, you agree that all your information given for the registration remains accurate and true. You are supposed to agree to maintain and update the given information to keep it true, complete and accurate at all times while you access the Services.


With sharing your email and contact number, you give your consent that we can contact you by email, SMS, email or through any other electronic means of communication for the upcoming events, deadlines or program update. You are only responsible for securing your password all the time. You would remain solely responsible for the activities you have in your account. However, if you notice any breach of security or unauthorized use of your Account, you should immediately inform us about the breach of security or unauthorized Account use. At the same time, you should never use your account without our permission. You need to agree that you are not going to misrepresent yourself.


Also, you need to acknowledge and agree that you yourself will be liable for your losses, damages, and expenses (whether direct or indirect) caused by unauthorized use of your Account. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may be liable for our losses or others due to such unauthorized use.


User Content

The services with us help you share the content like exams, assignments, quizzes, projects and other assignments and other assignments that you submit or post via different forums with Great Learning and other users along with instructors. You need to retain the intellectual responsibility for different actions that you need to take care of with respect to the user content without the given consent of the users.


How Effective Learning and others could use the User Content

To the extent you offer the user content, you offer great learning and fully transferable, royalty-free, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to copy, modify, distribute, create derivative works that are based publicly to perform publicly display, and end up using the User Content. This very license carries granting Great Learning the right to authorize institutions giving them the courses as part of the Services, to use the User Content with the registered students and over the on-campus learners independent of the Services.


Nothing comes in the terms that should be restricted over the legal rights for effective learning for having the user content. We reserve the right for removing or modifying the user content for any reason like User content, which we would feel that it would violate these terms. To the extent that instructors or the other users use the User Content in a fashion for not authorised by the Great Learning, which will hold no responsibility and thus shall bear without any damage, loss, or lost that are suffered or incurred by you due to misuse or the User Content or the breaching of the intellectual property rights over the User Content



We appreciate your ideas, suggestions, comments, and feedback about the services. By sending us any feedback, you give us the right to use the same without any compensation or restriction to you. By accepting your Feedback, Learning Elf does not waive off the rights to use the similar or relevant feedback, which was earlier known to us, developed by its employees/contractors or obtained from any other source



We care for our users' security, while we work for security protection of your account linked to information, Learning Elf doesn’t assure about the unauthorized third parties will not defeat the security or preventive measurements. Please notify us immediately of any compromise or unauthorized use of your Account.


Third-Party Content

Through our Services, you will get the access or capability to use the content provided by our set of instructors of programs that are catered under the Services, the other users, and/or other third parties and the links to websites and services that are maintained by third parties. Learning Elf cannot assure the third party content in the services or elsewhere that would be free of the content you would find objectionable, inappropriate or with malware or with having contaminants that could hamper your PC, Laptop, mobile device, or any files therein.


Learning ELF disclaims any responsibility or liability. which is related to your access or use of any third-party content. It should be clarified that the Great Learning does not really have any principal-agent or employer-employee relationship that comes along with any instructor, user or third party. At the same time, it should have to bear any liability or responsibility on behalf of such persons/entities.


Education Research

When it comes to great Learning, it is often committed to advancing the science of learning along with teaching, and records you have for your participation in courses that can be used for educational research. As per the research findings, one would typically be reported at the aggregate level. Your personal identity is not supposed to be publicly disclosed in any kind of research findings without getting your express consent.


Paid Services

Learning ELF offers a number of paid Services for a fee of cost. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are seen getting quoted in INR. You have the responsibility for paying different fees and applicable taxes that you end up getting on a time to time basis with a proper payment system that is linked with the applicable paid Services. In case any of your payment methods fail, we can receive the payment using any other collection option. However, the fees may vary as per the location and other factors and effective learning reserves the right to change all types of fees at any point in time at its sole discretion. Any change, update or modification would be effective instantly upon the posting via the relevant services.


Modifying and Terminating our Services

At Learning ELF, we keen on updating and changing our Services. We may add/remove all the features, functions, or requirements, and thus we could suspend or prevent a Service altogether. As per this, the Learning ELF may terminate any of the Services use for any reason. Once your paid Service is terminated you end up getting the refund solely as per the discretion of our company. Learning ELF and its key functionaries and others like directors, instructors, its contributors, sponsors, along with the other key business partners, and their employees, staff, contractors, officers, and other agents will not have any liability for your to carry out any action. You can, therefore, stop using the said Services at any time.



The services you get with us are included content that is offered without any warranty of any type, be it express or implied. The Learning ELF parties are particular in disclaiming all the types of warranties and conditions of the merchantability, fitness for any specific purpose along with the non-infringement and any warranties that are seen coming out of the course that deals with the use of trade including the implied or express one. The great learning parties can further disclaim the different types of liability that is linked to the access or the use of the services or the relevant content. You can acknowledge and agree to access or use the services or such content that come along with your risk.


Limitation of Liability

In order to access the maximum level permitted by Law, the Learning ELF parties will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages or any kind of profit or loss and reviews be in incurred directly or indirectly or through any loss of data or use of any intangible losses, which can result from A - Your access or inability to access/use the services, B - any conduct or consent over any kind of party rather than the ones applicable by the Learning ELF group, which tend to be included without any limitation or any defamation or illegal conduct. C - the Unauthorised access or the use or the changes of your info or content. D - All these terms or E - The act or omission or negligence to which you contributed. In not a single event, you can get good learning liability for different claims you have linked to the services that exceed 1000 INR.


You acknowledge and agree that the disclaimers and limitations of liability that are set forth in these terms of use would reflect to a reasonable and fair allocation of risk that is found in between the various effective learning parties and that all these limitations are an essential basis to get effective learning capability for making the services accessible on a reasonable basis. With this, you agree that any cause of action that is related to the services should commence within one year after the cause of action accrues. Otherwise one may find the cause of action to be completely banned.



With us, you also agree to indemnify, hold and defend thus making it harmless to use the Learning ELF Parties from any and all claims, expenses, liabilities, and damages, which include reasonable the use of attorneys' costs and fees made by any third party related - to your use or attempted use of the Services that are found in violation of these Terms; along with the violation of any law/rights of any third party. The next is the user Content, which includes without any limitation or claim that is found due to infringement or misappropriation of the intellectual property/proprietary rights.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All the services that tend to be managed by Learning ELF that is located in Bangalore, India. You are that any dispute that is linked to these terms that are governed by the laws of the Indian state excluding the law or provisions and conflicts. You further give the consent to the personal jurisdiction of the exclusive venue that is found both in the national and state courts that are located in and serving the Indian state as the legal forum for any such dispute.


Excluding claims for injunctive or other equitable relief, either you or Learning ELF may choose at any point during the dispute for resolving the claim through things like binding, non-appearance-based arbitration. All the disputes will then can be fixed using an established ADR or alternative dispute resolution provider, which are mutually agreed upon by you and Learning ELF. The parties and the chosen ADR provider will not be able to get involved in any personal appearance by the parties or via the witnesses, unless and otherwise these are mutually agreed by the parties; instead the arbitration will be conducted, at the option of the party by seeking relief, by telephone, online or through any written submissions alone. Any judgment rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.


Revisions to the Terms

The power to review and alter all the terms is reserved by us. We can choose to revise it at any point in time and it will be in immediate effect once posted on our website. You are bound to accept and follow all the terms with or without notification and under all circumstances.


Severability and Waiver

In case any provision of the aforementioned terms is not implementable, then it won’t affect any other term. In case we are unable to take quick action on your non-compliance, it doesn’t give you the permission to violate the terms and it doesn’t waive our rights to take further actions.


Guaranteed Placement Terms and Conditions

The candidate should enroll for one among the 3 paid courses under cloud computing and must pay the complete fee in a single installment.

The candidate should have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the course enrolled by the end of the course and will be evaluated upon completion. The guaranteed placement will be offered to the top 25% of the performers from each batch.

Upon taking admission, you agree and understand that your placement purely depends on you clearing the appropriate interview and test. It’s our responsibility to train you well and help you to conduct mock interviews to help you get placed in a good company, but the candidates should understand that it’s their responsibility to study hard, improve their technical and soft skills to be able to clear the interviews.