Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the way we Learning Elf, gather, consume and share users' information through our Platform. Kindly have a review of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which dictates the Platform and Programs usage. This Privacy Policy would remain an integral part of the Terms with the means of our reference. All capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy tend to have their own respective meanings, which are established in the Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy is applied only to a certain part of the Platform, which is offered by Learning Elf. We are not responsible for the companies, individuals, websites or institutions, which we do not control, manage or employ.


Kindly note that with the usage of our platform or by submitting any of your Personally Identifiable Information (as defined below) to us, you give your consent and agree that we can gather, use, disclose and retain all your information ( that would be beyond your Personally Identifiable Information) as per the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, which are required or permitted by the law of the land.


Learning Elf reserves all the rights to share any kind of information that we would collect with its own affiliates. In case of any sale or transfer of our business assets, the consumer information would remain one of the key business assets, which would be transferred being the part of the transaction. However, if you do not agree with these Terms, then kindly refrain from sharing any of your Personally Identifiable Information. If you fail to refuse or withdraw your consent, or in case you do not intend to offer us any needed Personally Identifiable Information, we would avoid the same to the services, which can be rendered on our Platform.


Information Covered by This Privacy Policy

Our platform's functionality can be used without disclosing any personal information. We may need it for features/services that are related to the Programs. If you fail to use certain specific features/services on the Platform, then we end up collecting “Non-Personal Information”. This very Non-Personal Information would include information like the viewed web pages. To access certain specific features and benefits on our Platform, you are required to submit “Personally Identifiable Information”. The Personally Identifiable Information could include your name, contact number (both mobile and landline), email address, PAN, educational details, Aadhaar number, social security, and work experience. However, you are supposed to have the onus for providing the accuracy of the Personally Identifiable Information that you submit to us. Improper or inaccurate information can hamper your capability to use the Platform.


Information Collection - the NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION

Once you visit our platform, we could monitor, gather and aggregate your Non-Personal Information. They include the pages of our Platform you have visited and you clicked the hyperlinks. We also gather data or information from the URLs through which you tend to remain connected with our Platform. Collecting all such information could comprise logging of the IP address, browser software and operating system and the way the user tends to use the Platform. Although one may find such information to be Personally Identifiable Information, which tends to remain on the local laws, we end up defining the Internet Service Provider of our users along with the geographic location of his/her point of connectivity from the respective IP address. We usually collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information from the Platform visitors when it comes to tracking the total number of visitors over the Platform that tends to remain in an aggregated form and check the kind of Internet web browser and operating system. With this information, we continuously improve our Platform and services.


Personally Identifiable Information

We collect the information you provide during the signup or other similar things through our Platform, or through 3rd platforms that we use. We may collect the same via other means like collecting from chat rooms, emails or through any offline events or services. The information can include your name, your contact numbers, email address, postal address, social security or tax identification numbers, login credentials (in the case if you are a registered user), work experience, salary information, educational qualification, and photographs. Also, we collect other details like demographic information including gender, socio-economic status, and other personal data. For the scholarships, refunds/ referrals, we will even collect your bank details. We never collect your financial information, and we process the payments via third-party payment gateway providers.


Learning Elf or our Educational Partners and third-party service providers may ask for certain information from you in association with the assignments, and assessments. For instance, we may collect certain Personally Identifiable Information from you just to verify or authenticate your identity/submissions that comes from you like the signature for a test or an assignment log, a photograph. Learning Elf can even collect information regarding your performance or accomplishments like your exam score or grades, along with the project evaluations, teacher evaluations and the different types of evaluations of your performance or accomplishments. In case you require any financial help, Learning Elf may recommend any third-party credit facility provider(s). In case if you choose to register for such credit facility providers, the information you share with them would be governed in their terms of use and policies as you would be their direct customer. Kindly note, Learning Elf has no control, these third-party providers.


Other information

The information regarding your interactions with customer service along with the maintenance interactions with us


The User-generated content that you post or upload at the public forums through the Platform

The information that you need to comply with any of your procedures, laws, and regulations that would apply to us where it is required for our and others' legitimate interests.


The recordings of calls with the students/users that show your interest in our programs

All your other information that you tend to choose to directly offer to us in association with your use of the Platform and Programs


The Third-Party Service Providers

We may get all your information while you access our third-party site, like Facebook, WhatsApp through our Platforms or as and when you respond to any of our Ads over such third party sites or platforms. These can include the text or images of all your Personally Identifiable Information that remains available from the third-party site. Do keep in mind that the information we have obtained from such third-party platforms is usually dependent on their privacy policies or the settings about the kind of information you have allowed us to access.


At times, we end up getting into setups with third parties to cater Ads on our behalf all over the web, blogs, and social networking sites. They may tend to store or collect information about all your visits to all of our Platforms, along with the interaction with our products and services. They may tend to use certain information regarding all your visits to the sites or Platforms for targeting the ads for different goods and services. All these details are often collected with the use of a pixel tag, which remains the industry-standard technology used by most of our websites.


However, all such third parties are not allowed to sell or share your Personally Identifiable Information while being part of the success. In case the third parties sell or share the Personally Identifiable Information our liability would be limited only to offer you reasonable support for any action you have to intend to choose against such third parties, at your own cost.


Also, we have third-party sales along with the marketing affiliates who tend to collect all the information that comes along with different channels that are owned by them along with sharing the information with us, which are based as per your interest in our Programs.