Data Science

The Data Science training program is carefully designed to make the students develop a solid understanding of data science concepts. The Program comprises of modules starting from the very basic aspects of Data Analytics improvising all the way up to the Data Science modules and to generate useful business insights or predictions. This program ensures that the student is well equipped with all the required skills to take up any project in the Data Science context.

  • English
  • 25000
  • 50000
  • Course Includes
  • Live Classes
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Downloadable Course Materials
  • Real Time feedback


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The ‘Data Science’ course at Learning Elf gives you a solid foundational knowledge on the various aspects of Data Science including statistics for data science, programming on python and R, and a peek into Data science Project Management and Testing methodologies in the Data Science context. The live online faculty led course is comprehensive in nature and is led by faculties with more than 15 years of industry experience.

The examples illustrated during the sessions are real life industry scenarios which can make the students correlate and understand the subject in just the right way. Once the students complete the program, they can specialize on any topic that is included in the course and contribute in the Project that they are assigned into.

The program will genuinely illustrate how to process data and create machine learning/AI models for analysis. Firstly, you will learn how to develop, construct, test and maintain architectures, such as databases and data processing systems. Next, you will develop a deep understanding of statistics along with python/R. Finally, you will learn how to apply machine learning algorithms or create AI models. All these topics are taught with a practical learning approach so that you are project-ready upon the completion of the course.

Course Content

Data Science Overview and Business Analytics
What is Data Science?
Applications of Data Science?
Phases of a Data Science project
Business Analytics Phases
Business Statistics
Descriptive Statistics
Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Different kinds of hypothesis Tests
Business Statistics Case Study
Topic Evaluation


Programming with SAS
Introduction to SAS, SAS Syntax
Data Import/Export in SAS
SAS Executable Statements
SAS Functions I
SAS Functions II
SAS Procedures I
SAS Procedures II
Working with multiple datasets
A taste of SQL
SAS Case Study
Topic Evaluation


Programming with R
Basic Data Structures in R
Data Import Export using R
Data Manipulation I
Data Manipulation II
Data Visualization
Case Study using R
Topic Evaluation
Data Pre-processing
Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Preparation
Data Pre-processing Case Study


Predictive Modelling
Linear Regression
Linear Regression Case Study
Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression Case Study
Time Series with R
Time Series Case Study
Topic Evaluation
Programming with Python
Basic Data Structures in Python
Data Import Export using Python
Data Manipulation I
Data Manipulation II
Data Visualization
Case Study using Python
Topic Evaluation
Machine Learning with Python
Data Pre-processing
Clustering Case Study
Decision Trees
Decision Trees Case Study
Topic Evaluation
Data Storytelling
Storytelling Principles
Business Intelligence Tools
Tableau I
Tableau II
Microsoft Power BI


Ensemble Learning
Linear Models
Logistic Models
Random Forests
Linear Models Logistic Models Random Forests


Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Networks I
Convolutional Neural Networks II
Recurrent Neural Networks


Capstone Project
Capstone Project Introduction

About the Instructor

About the Instructor